Close shot of wedding rings with a rustic theme

POP that bubbly, you’re engaged! I’m so excited for you as you make your way into the wonderful world of weddings. There’s so much to plan and researching different venues, dj’s, caterers, videographers, etc. can be stressful. I’m here to (hopefully) make it easier for you to at least narrow down a photographer. There’s three simple factors I would look for when it comes to finding the perfect wedding photographer:


For me, this is number one above all else. Why, you say? Just think about it… you want to be able to trust and vibe with your wedding photographer. They are the one person that will be stuck to you throughout your wedding, and even before that with rehearsals and engagement photos, so you mind as well like that person. A good place to start is word of mouth. If you happen to like the photos of your friends or family that previously got married, ask them for referrals. I like reading the about me sections on photographers’ websites to get a sense of who they are. When you start contacting photographers consider the conversation you had on the phone, the way they greeted you, how informative or excited they were, etc. This will give you a good base to work with when you meet them in person. Are you wondering what to expect when you meet? Usually photographers will ask you questions to get to know the two of you. For example, your love story and how you met or your wedding details as far as venue, guest count and theme. It’s a big deal picking one person in the entire world to photograph your once in a lifetime moment. You’re putting all your trust on that person to capture such an important day for you, so trust in your heart and I’m sure it won’t let you down.

Artistic Style

There’s so many different styles when it comes to photography in general yet alone weddings. Do you enjoy vivid contrasted images that will bring out the pops of blue in the sky? Do you enjoy more of a grainy vintage film look? Or perhaps you enjoy a more desaturated image with lighter washed out tones. I’m a natural light photographer in Las Vegas and my artistic style is light and airy. The photos you’ll be expecting that I capture would be perfect for venues outdoors such as the beach or garden settings. Keep in mind that the time of day, lighting, and different locations have an effect on the final images the photographer delivers. So, make sure the artistic style of the photographer calls to you and the theme of your wedding. Also note that if you’re looking at studios that have multiple photographers, make sure you meet with the photographer that will shoot your wedding day.


You want bang for your buck, even if you have a strict wedding budget to follow. Write a list of photographers that you’ve researched and compare pricing and packages. If albums aren’t your thing, then leave them at the bottom of your priority list. You can find photographers on almost every price point from $1,000 up to $5,000 and upwards. Contact your top picks and make sure their available for your wedding date. I would also consider asking if they book multiple weddings in a day. If they do I would stray away from this because you want your photographer to solely be focused on your wedding day and no one else’s. Wedding photographers typically ask for a deposit or retainer fee to secure your date and the remaining balance can be paid in installments. A few other things to keep in mind is the extra fees that you might encounter such as travel costs for your photographer to come to you and providing a meal for your photographer so they don’t pass out trying to keep up with the day.

In the end, you’ll find that choosing a wedding photographer isn’t as hard as you initially had thought. Go with your guts!

Good Luck! I’m rooting for you!

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