What Does it Mean to be a Natural Light Photographer?

what is natural light photography? Natural Light Photography is as direct as it sounds—it’s using natural or ambient and direct light from the sun. Now, I’ve seen so much debate articles with natural light photography. The most common one being that natural light photographers don’t or refuse to learn how to use flash or artificial […]

How I Practice Self-Care

I’ve always been a huge fan of self-care. It’s so important! I like to keep busy and fill in all the gaps of my day with different projects and things to do. But, sometimes you just need a moment to yourself free from distractions for a quick mental, emotional and physical reset. Here are a […]

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

  POP that bubbly, you’re engaged! I’m so excited for you as you make your way into the wonderful world of weddings. There’s so much to plan and researching different venues, dj’s, caterers, videographers, etc. can be stressful. I’m here to (hopefully) make it easier for you to at least narrow down a photographer. There’s […]